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One Man's Perspective: Voter ID seems like a voting must

I have to question why anybody wouldn’t want the most secure election process possible

I have no first hand evidence I completely admit, and I’m certainly open to anyone who has actual physical proof to weigh in when it comes to voter fraud. When it comes to the 2020 election, while I wasn’t pleased with the outcome, I don’t discount the final results because as I mentioned before, outside of unproven claims, I’ve never seen any material evidence.

The Rowley Report

This week opened up with showcasing how unique Iowa weather is. From our home in District 5 all the way to Des Moines Tuesday brought in record setting temperatures, some registering at 78 degrees, while on Wednesday we had near zero numbers with scattered flurries.

Guest Commentary: House Republicans approve detailed history and civics standards for K-12

In 2021 the Fordham Institute released, the State of State Standards for Civics and U.S. History. The report evaluated the quality, completeness and rigor of K-12 civics and U.S. history standards.

Letter to the Editor

And the beat goes on for those of us along the route of the CO2 pipeline proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions. It’s been around two years since most of us first heard about the project. Many aspects of the project are very concerning and we have received little to no information to allay our fears.

Lawn & Garden: Brighten every room in your home with plants

Anytime is a great time to add a few houseplants to your home. Adding greenery indoors expands your gardening opportunities and provides the many benefits of living with and tending plants. It can boost your mood and reduce stress while adding beauty or nutritious food to your home.

Home Country

This Saturday morning, an old man here in New Mexico will act just a bit silly again as he has these past 50-odd years on the first Saturday in March.

Extension Outreach

Normally I end with the business topics, but today I am going to start with it. I will end with some tidbits from the rule books that I am still fascinated to have in my office! First topic is any volunteer leaders, club leaders, Livestock Committee members, Static Committee members, need to be enrolled in 4-H Online and need to complete yearly training. Questions on if this applies to you call the office.

Randy's Review: ‘Ordinary Angels’

When an alcoholic hairdresser comes to aide of a construction worker raising two daughters on his own, lives are transformed in this faith-based, true story. It’s another example of the continuing growth in the quality of the Christian-based film industry.

Guest Commentary: Leading the charge to stop President Biden’s electric-vehicle mandates

In our free-market economy, Americans should have the freedom to purchase the car or truck of their choice without the federal government putting its thumb on the scale to advance a specific policy preference and distort the market. However, President Joe Biden doesn’t see it that way.

Letter to the Editor: Opposition to rezoning request

We are writing on behalf of Spencer residents and homeowners with properties built within the single- and multi-family residential zoning areas. We encourage the Spencer public to join us in our plea before the Spencer City Council on Monday, March 4, at 6:30 p.m.

Writers and Writing: 'Original Sins' a great crime thriller

Des Moines is the setting for “Original Sins,” a crime thriller by Erin Young, author of “The Fields.” Young lives in Brighton, England, and this is her second book. Both books are based in Iowa.

Pastor's Column: A plan for your life?

God has a beautiful plan for your life, even if you can’t see it right now.
A few weeks ago, I stood with my friend Lee Nielsen in Audubon as we buried his father, a World War II veteran. Lee is very grateful to be alive, but the odds against his birth were a mile high.

The CommStock Report: Argentina on the cusp

To the casual observer Argentina has it all … good demographics, natural resources and an educated public. What holds Argentina back, according to Brazilians, is that Argentines live there. They are a failed political state. It is like they go to great lengths to squander all of their positive resources so as to not realize their potential.

One Man’s Perspective: Nothing really heady this week

I take pride in my ability to please some readers on a weekly basis with this column while on the hand, with the same words, give others a meltdown and a reason to hate. In both cases, I say, you’re welcome.

This week, however, is not going to be one of those weeks.

Guest Commentary: Week 7 focuses on debate

Week seven of the legislative session ushered in a week focused mainly on debate. Every day after gaveling in, both parties retire to caucus and discuss the bills at hand. This gives my colleagues and I time to review each bill the senator is managing on the floor. Doing so offers context for how this legislation will improve the state of Iowa and its residents.

Letter to the Editor: Power players in Iowa Senate are aiding and abetting

The Iowa House is considering a bill designed to combat “organized retail theft” of property from stores. Lawmakers supporting the measure said they wanted to deter looting, which has happened in some U.S. cities. Law enforcement has not always intervened.

Iowans may naively think such lawlessness cannot happen here. But it can — and it is.

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