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New Website for the Spencer Reporter

Hello! We have activated the new website for the Spencer Reporter. Subscribers, your login link is in the upper left corner of the page. If you need website support, call 712-262-6610 and ask for Brad. If it is after hours or on the weekend, call 641-430-1023.

Ready Seth Go: Hardline stances won't settle the abortion debate

I'm a tired young newsman, folks, but there's no way for me to not talk about what's happened in the last week. My generation has never known a world in which Roe v. Wade wasn't the law of the land — and in which it wasn't a surefire divisive issue.

On The Side: Pants on fire

Disingenuousness is a nice word people use instead of asserting that someone is lying.

There’s a lot of disingenuousness in our country regarding the Dobbs decision regarding abortion handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court last week.

Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court rulings

Racism is a component of the abortion debate in more ways than one. Consider Ben J. Wattenberg's book "The Birth Dearth: What happens when people in free countries don't have enough babies?" in which he explained that white people could become a minority in the United States within a few decades. A GOP nightmare. He had three suggestions to stop it.

1. Pay women to have babies. Because we'd have to pay women of all colors, that wouldn't work.

Letter to the Editor: Roe v. Wade

I read your latest "One Man's Perspective" and felt you nailed it with the one sentence, some 200 words into your editorial: "All life is precious, especially the most innocent, an unborn child." The 100-plus lines of the letter writer whose piece was juxtaposed next to yours was riddled with divisive and derisive comments that seemed to go on ad infinitum. Then again, you do end your literary efforts with the query, "What say you?" I have a few comments to share also.

Randy’s Review: ‘Elvis’


Elvis was a shooting star in every since of the word.

He burned bright and hot and flamed out way to soon. And that’s exactly how Austin Butler masterfully portrayed the “King of Rock 'n' Roll” in “Elvis,” which offers audiences a look at where he came from, his musical influences and those who shared in his rise to fame and his ultimate early and untimely death.

Pastor's Column: As the days of Noah

Although there are scoffers who deny that a great worldwide flood ever occurred, evidence from the cultural, linguistic, and archeological sciences weigh greatly in favor of the historicity of the flood. The arguments against the flood are not truly against its occurrence, but against the Creator’s existence. With the evidence weighing in favor of the flood, our interest should not be about “if” it occurred, but “why” it occurred.

The CommStock Report: Great reading advice

I have been a voracious book reader all of my life but could not begin to have kept up with Theodore Roosevelt who was said to have read a book per day even while president. I may average reading one book per week. I have switched to the more visual media of YouTube for many of my history lessons. I have read some books that I thought could be recommended for your summer leisure, worth the time spent.

Home Country

“From the cow to the plow, Dewey,” Windy said, leaning on a shovel. Windy Wilson was on another of his “helper days” and today it was Dewey Decker’s turn to be helped.

“What do you mean, Windy?”

“You know … a slogan for the business. From the cow to the plow. Fertilizer. Farming.”

Outdoors: Iowa Great Lakes Fishing Club sets spring seminar lineup

Here’s some pretty exciting news from the Iowa Great Lakes Fishing Club. Early each spring, the IGLFC hosts its annual Spring Fishing Seminar, and according to IGLFC president Terry Thomsen, the club just lined up Joe Henry, executive director for Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota and veteran fishing guide and tournament angler, for its 2022 spring seminar on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Outdoors: How Przekurat discovered bass

As a youngster growing up in Wisconsin, Jay Przekurat (Sha-Cure-Et) got to go fishing quite a bit with his dad, Jason. They mostly fished for walleyes. Walleyes are popular on the table in Wisconsin and many parts of North America due to their white, sweet, flaky flesh, but they focused on walleyes for another reason:

Lawn & Garden: Composting directly in the garden

Don’t toss those imperfect lettuce leaves, onion tops and strawberry tops into the trash. Instead, convert them into compost right in the garden.

Worm and pile composting are great ways to manage these scraps. But if these methods aren’t for you, try trench composting. This centuries old technique is low effort and effective. The process is basically invisible, eliminates the need to turn a pile of plant debris, requires minimal space and doesn’t smell.

One Man’s Perspective: My heart is lifted as SCOTUS rejects Roe v. Wade

It probably comes as no surprise to those who know me that I’m feeling somewhat uplifted by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which made it clear, Roe v. Wade is no longer the law of the land. This column isn’t some kind of victory lap. But as an unapologetic advocate for life, I take great personal joy from Friday’s announcement which seems to have turned the country on its head.

Letter to the Editor: SCOTUS

This is what minority ruled theocracy looks like. Abort the court! Specifically the unelected, unaccountable five that LIED! LIED! LIED! LIED! LIED! to get their lifetime jobs. Three appointed by a lying traitorous criminal, two of them stolen seats. Confidence in SCOTUS is at a 50-year low of 25%. Consistently inconsistent rulings like these examples are why.

Performance Review: Leonid & Friends wow crowds

Two sold-out performances attest to the talent and showmanship of Leonid & Friends. The audience arrived expecting to hear some great music and were definitely not disappointed. Wednesday night's audience included fans from 13 states. There was a large waiting list that unfortunately did not get to hear this amazing troupe of musicians.

Pastor's Column: Catching up with God

People tell me they want to keep learning about God and the Bible. So here is a perspective for you to consider, if it is new to you.

First, Jesus. Along with the comforting image of him as gentle Savior, he also challenged traditional understandings of the Levitical laws. He “broke” the Sabbath. He talked to women as though they were as intelligent as men. He conversed with Gentiles, touched the unclean and hung out with sinners, thus associating with all the “wrong” people.

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