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Guest Commentary: Floor debate and sending important bills

Funnel week may be over, but that doesn’t mean all of the work is over. Subcommittees will be done for the most part, but now my time will be focused on debate and running the bills I chaired in subcommittee on the floor. This week our focus was on floor debate and sending important bills to the House to be considered.

Guest Commentary: Week nine

After one of our legislative deadlines last week, our focus in week nine was on floor debate and sending important bills to the House to be considered for discussion. Debated this week was Senate File 507. This bill tackles the issue of state investing based on Environment, Social and Governance performance.

Lawn & Garden: Elevate your garden’s beauty with jewel-tone plants

Bring the beauty of your favorite gemstones into the garden and your outdoor living space with the help of jewel-toned plants. Even a pot of these beauties placed on the balcony can provide bold color, vibrancy and lushness to any space.

Randy’s Review: ‘Jesus Revolution’

A true tale of the spiritual hippie awakening


When the pastor of a struggling Southern California church’s rebellious daughter brings a hippie evangelist home to meet her father, the two polar opposites come together to lead a nationally transformative movement.

Randy’s Review: ‘Creed III’

Predictable, yet satisfying, tale of 2nd-generation boxer


Extension Outreach: ISU Extension and Outreach Annual Conference

Last week was the Annual Conference for ISU Extension and Outreach, where over 400 Extension professionals from around the state gathered in Ames. The theme was “honor our past, celebrate our present and embrace our future.” The theme was especially on brand as our vice president of Extension and Outreach, John Lawrence, will retire at the end of this month and we welcome our new vice president, Jason Henderson.

Letter to the Editor: What would Jesus do?

What would Jesus do today if he visited America? I think he would be very disappointed and shed tears of sadness. In the Gospels he taught love and forgiveness. He gave us the golden rule to live by: Treat others as you want to be treated. He said to bring all the children to him. What is happening in America today is not what he wanted. All the hate, prejudice, violence and lack of Christianity.

Guest Commentary:​​​​​​​ Trade deficit threatens our economic security

As the second largest exporter of agricultural goods in the nation, trade is vital to our economy in Iowa. 415,000 jobs are supported by trade in our state, and in 2018, Iowa exported roughly $14.4 billion in goods and services. As such, our farmers, producers, manufacturers, and agricultural community rely on strong trade agreements that open foreign markets and maintain our global competitiveness.

The CommStock Report: Where the money came from … the political history of the biofuel industry


One Man’s Perspective: An unexpected week

I racked up some air miles last week — very unwanted air miles.

A little update for everyone. I know a few people are aware, but for those of you who were looking for me at Spencer Hy-Noon Kiwanis last Monday; or Coffee with the Editor and the GACO Board Meeting Tuesday; or my office, you didn’t find me there.

Guest Commentary: Teacher Empowerment Act designed to protect teachers from classroom violence advances

On Wednesday House Republicans approved a bill aimed at empowering teachers to retake control of their classrooms. House Republicans have heard from many teachers across the state about the struggles they face in the classroom regarding behavioral issues in students, a lack of support from administrators, and trainings that take time away from their basic teaching responsibilities. House Study Bill 206 was put together to help address those problems.

Guest Commentary: Funnel week

This week was funnel week ― the week that bills have to have made it out of committee or they are no longer eligible for consideration by the Legislature. This means a lot of lengthy committee meetings to get bills over that hurdle. I thought I would take this opportunity to share the results of one of those meetings ― the House Agriculture committee.

Extension Outreach: Lots of great youth programs coming up

Our youth outreach programs have really taken off here in Clay County and we are excited to offer a full line-up of programs for youth of all ages! These events are developed and hosted by the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach 4-H program in Clay County, but they are open to everyone. Both 4-H and non-4-H members are welcome and encouraged to attend! Some programs have a small registration fee to help with the cost of camp materials and others are free.

Letter to the Editor: Iowa Liberty Network

Constitutional conservative Iowans are launching a new political action committee as they aim to offer an alternative to politics as usual. Iowa Liberty Network is being founded to unite grassroots constitutional conservatives behind quality candidates willing to serve “We the People.”

Letter to Editor: Food for Life: 250 more households eligible for meat

Thanks to the generous financial donations again in 2022, Clay County Food for Life is expanding its outreach to provide meat to additional families in Clay County.

For many years, CCFFL working in partnership with Upper Des Moines Opportunity, has followed the income guideline of 150% of the federal poverty level to determine who is eligible to receive the meat. This has resulted in 983 households receiving meat in Clay County in 2022.

Guest Commentary: A busy week at the Capitol

On Monday, the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs hosted a State Historical Library and Archive reception. At the reception, I meet up with one of my former students Dr. Andrew Klumpp. A native of Sanborn and 2006 Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn graduate, Klumpp is the editor of the “Annals of Iowa,” which is a scholarly journal of the Hawkeye State’s history published by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

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