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Extension’s Outreach: Upcoming adult programs


ISU Extension and Outreach will be offering our annual Farmland Leasing Meeting here in Spencer on Thursday, Aug. 11, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the 4-H Auditorium on the Clay County Fairgrounds. The cost of this program is $20 per person or $30 per couple. This program is for both landlords and tenants and will discuss Iowa cash rent and land values.



Randy’s Review: ‘Nope’

I was so excited to see Jordan Peele's newest sci-fi/horror film. Maybe too excited. And perhaps that's why I didn't enjoy it near as much as I had hoped I would.

I was huge fan of Peele's first film, "Get Out," a psychological horror thriller with a social commentary; and although not as good as "Get Out," his second offering, "Us," was a genuinely creepy and disturbing tale which registered.

Pastor’s Column: Bible answers to 4 important questions

Life is filled with questions and the Bible is filled with the answers. There are four major questions that deserve serious attention and consideration. Questions like these are often posed to young minds who are in higher learning, hoping to expand their thinking or to cause them to come up with some new idea. It is God’s intention that we look to Him and His word for answers for every situation in life.

One Man’s Perspective: Sharing care

It’s been more than a decade since the doors opened at the Grand Avenue Community Outreach and I have been a part of the governing board since the formation and birth of what was then known as the Spencer Dream Center. We’ve learned a lot in those 10-plus years of providing Christian care and service to those in need of hope and healing.

Guest Commentary: Transportation updates


The Iowa Department of Transportation has received many questions about a law passed in the 2022 Legislative Session related to overweight loads moving on Iowa roadways. The new provision will allow motor carriers who need to haul loads over the legal weight limit to apply for a new annual overweight permit applying to many roads in the state beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

To clarify a few common misconceptions:

The CommStock Report: Dollar up

We have been bullish on the U.S. dollar. We also noted that the strong dollar would become a problem for commodities, as a headwind to U.S. exports, if exceeding 102-103, which has occurred. The currency exchange rate gains weigh on U.S. exports above that level. The dollar index has recently bested 108. For historical perspective the dollar index hit 164 as the Fed killed inflation in the 1980s. The agriculture economy would be dead by then.

Outdoors: Try a river this summer

North America is the home of all sorts of fishing opportunities. An angler can find a lake, river, pond, or reservoir to fish in without looking too hard. Wherever you live, you don’t need to drive far to wet a line.

Rivers can provide outstanding fishing action throughout the summer. Actually, rivers can be good year-round, especially the larger rivers. However, in the summer, small, medium and large rivers can provide anglers with action from a wide variety of fish species.

Outdoors: Checking out some new electronics

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to fish with longtime friend, Denny Harms, who lives in Lawton. We became fishing buddies when he was the football coach in Estherville, leading the Midgets to a second place finish in the state playoffs in 1987.

Home Country

The Bahdziewicz clan trooped into the Mule Barn for lunch the other day, happily and noisily as only eight Americans totally in love with summer can do. The patriarch of the clan, Abraham Lincoln Bahdziewicz, led the way to a large round table and seated his wife, Sally, before pointing to which chairs the kids should use. Some people can make a celebration out of sitting down to eat, and Abe’s gang knows how to do it.

Extension Outreach: Preventing needlestick injuries

Each season, Iowa’s Center for Agriculture Safety & Health (I-CASH) provides our office with information and materials focusing on one aspect of Iowa agricultural safety or health. The summer 2022 campaign focuses on preventing needlestick injuries while giving injections to livestock.

Letter to the Editor: David Kruse column

In your July 15 issue, David Kruse states that Summit is “Iowa-based with roots in Iowa agriculture.” That is true — to a point. Summit Carbon Solutions has actually filed tax papers as being a DELAWARE-based company. Based in Iowa agriculture? If you consider humongous numbers of Corporate Ag hog CAFOs throughout the entire state, and in surrounding states as well.

Randy’s Review: ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’

Working behind the camera, Reese Witherspoon helped bring the popular 2018 novel by Delia Owens, “Where the Crawdads Sing” to the big screen. Daisy Edgar-Jones brings sympathetic, loner turned accused murderer, Catherine "Kya" Clark, to life with an incredible performance.

Pastor’s Column: A way to pray for your kids

I have two fantastic children. My daughter is raised, married and lives far away in a land called Arizona and my son is still with me and is in high school. I consider being a mom (and now also a grandma!), most wonderful. It has been a privilege and an honor to be their mom. For the first 11 years of my marriage, I prayed hard and waited long to become pregnant. It was an answer to many many years of prayers when I gave birth to my two children and they are treasures to me.

One Man’s Perspective: When we feel divided, remember our likeness

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed, in my limited 55-plus years of living, our country more divided as it is todays. Politics and social concerns have people at a boiling point. Inflation and gas prices haven’t helped the national temperament much either. Add in my current seven-week liquid diet — on day six now — and I get the natural surliness.

Letter to the Editor: Peaceful Women’s Rights March

I participated in the Peaceful Women’s Rights March on July 16. I would like to acknowledge those displaying support for Birthright using the word “Choose” in their message that I interpret as an agreement that reproductive rights are a choice. A choice that should not be criminalized. Thank you to the organizers that worked with the multiple necessary city contacts for approval to express our first amendment rights.

Letter to the Editor: Roe v. Wade protest

The morning of July 16, a peaceful protest was staged by those who protest the overturn of Roe v. Wade. A handful of people walked up Grand Avenue from East Leach Park and returned to the park within an hour.

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