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Writers and Writing: Essay collection captures Iowa heartland

So what is Iowa, and who are Iowans?

Those are the questions Timothy Fay answers in his charming essay collection, “The Wapsipinicon Almanac,” recently released by the University of Iowa Press. The book contains a collection of contributions from writers, artists and advertisements over the more than 30-year span of Fay’s literary journal by the same title. Fay published the journal on a letterpress from 1988 through 2018.

Pastor's Column: What do you believe?

I’m going to ask you to do something. I realize that many will continue to read the article out of curiosity. Some will continue to read part way through and then be distracted or lose interest. But there may be one or two who will read and reply to the following ask.

The CommStock Report: The dollars and cents of climate change are very real

Some folks that I know have been unrepentantly in the camp discounting the existence of human-made climate change. Basis the data and scientific evidence that I have seen, the models created as to what human-made climate change would look like are being confirmed as highly accurate by unfolding current events.

Home Country

Oh, we could always just go ask Delbert Chin why he did it, but that would take all the fun out of it. You know. So we sat and sipped at the world dilemma think tank meeting of Everything Important down at the Mule Barn truck stop and talked it over.

One Man’s Perspective: 4 statements from Charlie Chaplain

A reminder to everyone, Friday at Spencer’s home football opener against Webster City, a Salute to Service Night, recognizing Clay County first responders, active military and veterans. Money raised at the pre-game tailgate and the T-shirt sales leading up to the event will go to the regional HEAT effort.


Guest Commentary: Keeping China far away from American farmland

In rural America, our farmland is our most valuable, yet finite, asset. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the United States is home to over 2 million farms spanning nearly 894 million acres. This expansive acreage has cemented our position as the third largest agriculture-producing country in the world.

Lawn & Garden: Preserve basil for winter meals

Don’t let a bumper crop of basil go to waste. Preserve its flavor and zest with proper storage and preservation.

Extension Outreach: Looking forward to the Clay County Fair

Our office has been in full force this summer preparing for the Clay County Fair. On July 19, we held our Achievement Fair, in which 4-H members bring in their static and communications projects to be judged in person with an opportunity to be selected for the Iowa State Fair. Clay County is unique that we have a separate event for this judging since the Clay County Fair falls after the Iowa State Fair.

The CommStock Report: Panoramic Alaska

Alaska, like Hawaii, is one of those places where folks who have visited do not come home claiming the state is overrated. Most often you get raving advice to visit Alaska as a travel destination that should be on folk's bucket lists. Likewise, my advice is "to go North to Alaska!" Alaska was teaming with spawning salmon and traveling baby boomers.

On the Side: And now, a word from our sponsor ...

In honor of the college football season kickoff, a post-game interview conducted someday perhaps, or maybe never, or maybe in the not-so distant future...

Well, Coach, it was quite a memorable day at Iowa State University’s Mid-American Energy Field at Jack Trice Stadium. What do you think was the turning point?

“I think it came there in the third quarter, when ...”

“That was the third quarter brought to you by Fareway Meat and Grocery, right?”

Guest Commentary: Addressing Iowa’s doctor shortage

Growing up in rural Montgomery County, Iowa, I’m all too familiar with the challenges of accessing medical care, especially if you or a family member needs to see a specialist.

Sadly, postponed procedures, limited hospital beds, and long wait times for experts like cardiologists and OBGYNs have become the norm across our state, and rural areas feel it the most.

Randy's Review: ‘Strays’

In a promo for “Strays,” voice talent and comedian Will Ferrell, who brings the main character Reggie’s thoughts to life, made it very clear this raunchy and crude dog tale isn’t “Homeward Bound” and “Benji.” Don’t make the mistake of walking up to the box office thinking this is a family friendly kid’s movie. It’s anything but.

Pastor’s Column: Back to school ... with millionaires?

Teachers make millionaires! In fact, teachers make themselves into millionaires more often than doctors do. Hey, students, it is an incredible privilege to learn from wise teachers!

Extension Outreach: 'Pop-up' events

Even as the Clay County Fair rapidly approaches, our mission to serve our communities continues to expand beyond just educational opportunities like the fair and 4-H. One of our pillars is to supply our communities with Iowa State research-based resources. One of the ways we do that is through our community and economic development department. We are excited to share a new four-part series of free downloadable community engagement toolkits for business and community-based organizations.

Home Country

Ran into Doc down at The Mule Barn the other day, so naturally we had to rid the world of about a gallon of coffee and solve the world’s problems for an hour. It is the duty of all true Americans of our age, you know.

Doc said he’d been aching a little bit lately. Joints or something. He’d been out fixing the pasture fence where the mare had been pushing on it. The next morning it made him walk funny.

Lawn & Garden: Fall-planted cover crops provide many benefits to gardens

Put your garden to work over winter by planting a cover crop this fall. Covering the soil with plants that are turned into the soil or smothered and allowed to decompose in spring provides many benefits.

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