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On Land & Water: First fish and memories that last a lifetime

I doubt my daughter will remember catching her first fish.

She wasn’t much more than two when she caught that little blue gill with a “Frozen”-themed one-piece Zebco kids fishing combo my dad bought her. We were fishing off the dock at my wife’s folk’s place on East Okoboji Lake. I’d stuck a little red worm to the hook tied beneath her “Frozen” bobber and turned to bait my hook. By the time I turned back around, she was locked in a fight with a palm-sized blue gill.

Randy’s Review: ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’

“Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” — a movie I never really believed I needed; a movie I’m certainly glad they made.

Letter to the Editor

Coach Hoofkin was right. I should not have come off so snarky about his personal religious beliefs. For that, I apologize.

The CommStock Report: Went to the dogs

My wife Jane and I just returned from our second time attending the annual Westminster Dog Show in New York. The Westminster, held annually since 1877, is the second oldest sporting event behind the Kentucky Derby in the U.S. This trip my wife wanted to see the Masters Agility Competition and I wanted to see the finals for the King Charles Spaniel breed which is the breed of our dog that we have named Lucy. She is our second Lucy King Charles.

Lawn & Garden: Grow vertically for added beauty and garden productivity

Expand your planting space, grow a living screen or add vertical interest to your garden beds. Train vines up a decorative support, onto a fence or allow them to climb a trellis set in front of a wall or structure.

Letter to the Editor: Today Black people have freedom of speech

• Responding to a letter published in the Friday, May 24, paper — Note to Coach Hoofkin: Jesus probably had little to do with the sterling performance at the state meet by the kids on the Spencer track team. Their hard work, discipline and dedication to the sport was the key factor. Thank and praise them first. — H Schar, Spencer.


Letter to the Editor

The May 24 40-word letter to the editor (Note to Coach Hoofkin) rightfully credited Spencer’s mentor for promoting hard work, discipline and dedication. That said, to laud thanking and praising the coach first, and Jesus second seems somewhat askance. Jesus (the Son of God and Second Person of the Blessed Trinity) has more to do with one’s success than any human. Even Rush Limbaugh knew that he himself had “talent on loan from God.”

Letter to the Editor

Randy, I am writing in several capacities in response to your OMP from Friday, May 24. I have been involved with the Spencer High School boys soccer team in some way since 2005 when then SHS activities director Roger Johnson asked me to time a game. My kids were young players and it helped put the “hook” of high school soccer into my heart.

Letter to the Editor: An open letter to the editor and Spencer community

As a longtime Spencer resident, SHS alumna, mother of three SHS graduates who played multiple sports and a coach's wife, I write with a very heavy heart regarding the Spencer boys soccer game that was not allowed to finish due to weather conditions on May 20. Spencer athletics has been a prominent part of my family's lives for many years.

Letter to the Editor

I am writing to express my deep concern and frustration regarding the outcome of the Class 3A Substate Soccer matchup between Spencer and Le Mars on May 20. The handling of this situation by the Spencer Schools athletic department has raised serious questions about communication and adherence to fair play principles.

Letter to the Editor

“It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.” — Josiah Stamp.

The consequences of having the administrative title is the accountability that goes with it. There are many questions left to be answered by the state for the appropriateness of the rule.

However, the accountability in this situation lies with Spencer Schools administrator’s decisions.

One Man’s Perspective: Remembering

How much time did you spend over the course of the extended weekend — beginning Friday and continuing through Monday — remembering?

Remembering the heroes of this country who served and have passed? After all that’s what Memorial Day is really supposed to be about.

Retiring Clay County Veterans Affairs Director Darla Sheasley, a retired Army sergeant major, delivered the address at Spencer’s Memorial Day Service Monday morning.

Home Country

Here he came, Windy Wilson himself. Marched right up to the official round table of the World Dilemma Think Tank at the Mule Barn coffee shop. Windy whipped off his beat-up old Stetson, grinned and bowed to us there as is fitting to the membership of the Supreme Court of Dang Near Everything.

“May I kindly join you, compadres?” Windy said.

Extension Outreach: Clay County Extension and Outreach partners with Clay County Conservation for Wildlife Habitat Education Program

ISU Extension and Outreach is excited to be partnering with the Clay County Conservation Board to present a new opportunity for youth in our community who are interested in wildlife, conservation and the outdoors!

On Grass and Water: Gaspar … who?

I was chasing smallies one day a few years ago when I hooked into one heck of a fish.

It was late spring. I’d been paddling the Lake Oahe shoreline for a few hours, chucking a one-eighth-ounce jig tipped with a green Max Scent minnow up against the shoreline. It’s a cheap, easy and, above all, effective setup. A couple of walleye were dangling from my stringer, but I hadn’t caught the smallmouth bass I wanted to invite to dinner yet.

Pastor's Column: Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend holds a special significance in our collective consciousness, culminating with the official holiday on Monday. It's a time when we pause to reflect upon and honor the courageous individuals who have served our nation through military service. Some returned home safely, while others made the ultimate sacrifice. For those who did return, many bore the physical and emotional scars of their service.

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