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One Man’s Perspective: There are no words

I have a 10-year-old grandson. Today he is celebrating the beginning of summer with his classmates and friends here in Spencer. While they were sitting in the final day of class, looking forward to their “freedom” in a matter of hours, another group of his peers were cowering in their classroom while an 18-year-old man randomly and indiscriminately fired his weapon into their young, defenseless bodies.

On the Side: General's orders

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer around these parts. Kids are out of school. Trees have canopied. Mosquitos are alive. Spring's winds die. June's stormy nature erupts on waves of humidity. Boats, balls in the gaps and crooked golf shots are launched. Fish and rear ends on patio chairs are landed.

Guest Commentary: Election integrity

Every election year about this time I start getting calls about people receiving four or five ballots in the mail. I always caution people with that Iowa does not just send ballots out to individuals. With that said, I have received many phone calls and in person requests to tighten up election integrity in Iowa. I would like to let you know that Iowa’s election system is among the best in the nation, if not in the world.

Letter to the Editor: It takes a village to raise a senior

At age 66, I am helping organize a 50th high school class reunion. I have also spent a month pursuing mental wellness: May, Mental Health Awareness month.

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Letter to the Editor: ‘Mc Ma & Pa’ restaurants

When I was growing up in Cedar Falls, hamburger “joints,” such as Henry’s, or the Pink Elephant, or the root beer drive-in (Duds ‘n Suds), along with the giant tenderloin stand (Murphy’s Chuckwagon) joined Newberry’s hand dipped ice cream shop, and the Steamboat restaurant as possible places for families to eat out. None of these were chains; all were privately or “family” owned. This was before pizza came into the scene, so it was pre-Shakeys, pre-Pizza Huts, and way before Godfathers.

Letter to the Editor: Interim SAAC board

There’s been a lot in the news about the Spencer Area Activity Center and its planned closure June 30, 2022. We can thank the vision and dedication of recent Board members to allow the Save the Center Team the opportunity to reenergize the center’s mission and place in the community. The SAAC Board had worked diligently through COVID-19 and other formidable challenges to keep this public nonprofit viable in spite of dwindling attendance and struggling financial support.

Letter to the Editor: Feenstra is leading the way to solve the infant formula crisis

Across Iowa, store shelves are bare, and families are scrambling to find affordable infant formula for their children with limited luck. This is a scary situation — especially for parents — who are spread thin from the pain of inflation, grocery bills, high gas prices, and now, severe formula shortages that threaten the health and development of our children.

Letter to the Editor: So, you made a deal?

In a recent commentary titled, “So, I made a deal,” David Kruse announced that he signed with Summit Carbon Solutions. He’s delighted that negotiations that included his neighbors and a relative, saying they “went very well” and “exceeded his expectations.” Kruse said he did it to secure Iowa’s future for his son and his grandson.

Guest Commentary: Biden’s baby formula shortage a matter of life and death

Here’s a headline I would never have thought I’d read in America in 2022: “Iowa families scour stores for baby formula.” But that’s the grim reality today under President Biden.

In their reporting, the Des Moines Register cataloged the story of one mother who visited more than five different stores without finding the formula she needed for her newborn. Her story, tragically, isn’t an outlier.

Lawn & Garden: Enjoy your garden after dark with landscape lighting

Enjoy your garden and landscape once the sun sets with strategically placed and attractive landscape lighting. Select the best type of light that complements your garden design and best accomplishes the intended purpose.

Extension Outreach: May is graduation month for local seniors

This year we had 22 4-H seniors graduate in the county. Sophia Behrens, Lauren Berberich, Haley Berends, Liliah Burhans, Victoria Bussell, Sean Connor, Gracie Dehrkoop, Austin Eickhoff, Hanna Gee, Brianna Holt, Kaylee Iedema, Sam Jensen, Natalie Joenks, Elizabeth Maki, Lindsey Nelsen, Landon Olson, Ethan Stave, Emma Strohman, Erin Strohman, Bailey Swanson, Kelsey Versluis and Kaiden Woodall.

The CommStock Report: Earth, wind, fire and rain ... something for everyone

Most here in northwest Iowa have wrapped up planting or are close to it. There may be two soybean harvests here next fall. We planted our soybeans before corn in April and those soybeans are up. They look good for having gone into such cold soil. We did not get my corn in until May 12 and many farmers here planted soybeans after corn so they are just going in now. I think that farmers here planted what they wanted to plant.

Pastor's Column: 15 very important things I’ve learned

1. Work twice as hard on your character as your job skills. Your character lasts far longer than your profession and makes life nice for your family.

2. Don’t create a world where no one is allowed to question your motives.

3. Don’t just hang out with the folks who will tolerate your weaknesses. Find friends who challenge you to do better.

4. If you’re super successful at work but not so much at home, that’s too much losing.

One Man's Perspective: A sad trend

The greatness of rural America, and specifically rural Iowa, is fading away.

Letter to the Editor: Choose life

Members of the human race have been making choices since the one our first parents (Adam and Eve) made. You remember, they chose to eat of the tree God told them to avoid. And that has made all the difference. Talk about the validity of the belief that actions have consequences! Of course they do: whether it be in regard to being charitable or selfish, oppositional or conciliatory, friendly or attacking, and so forth.

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