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Letter to the Editor: Clay County Fair

How would you rate your 2022 Clay County Fair experience? For most of the last 25 years, I'd rate it at least a "B+." Often, it was a solid "A." This year, I give it an "A+," or a 97%. Why not higher, you ask?

Letter to the Editor: Thank you Lincoln Elementary staff, teachers

This morning I forgot to give my daughter her medicine before school, so I ran it over and was buzzed into the office. The office was ringing with activity, being a Monday morning right after the first bell. The principal, who I know, but I assumed doesn't know me since my daughter is new in the building immediately asked if I needed to get Milly her medicine. Then she told the secretary which classroom my daughter was in without looking it up.

Guest Commentary: How your home is assessed (and what to do if you don’t like it)

By now most Iowans have (probably) paid their property taxes for the year. That payment was actually for the assessment that was done in 2021 because property taxes are paid in arrears. For purposes of this article, we are focusing on residential assessments and property classes (various classes of property are assessed differently and by different entities.)

Outdoors: Don’t let that fish of a lifetime get away

For anglers, preparation and expectation can make all the difference.

This created an opportunity to recreate habitat on the spoil site by planting native trees and vegetation on the dredge material, and aquatic plants along the edge of the new deeper water. The aquatic plants were wrapped in protective cages to prevent carp, muskrats and other fish and wildlife from uprooting them.

Outdoors: Autumn ideas for walleyes

Air temperatures were in the mid-40s last night where I live. They’ll get into the 70s Tuesday, and, for the next few weeks, we’ll see those ranges daily. Birds and butterflies are starting to move south and all across walleye country, anglers who like to catch walleyes are starting to get excited. If you live in an area where walleyes live, here's how you can get in on that action.

Outdoors: Analyzing the 2022 August roadside count

Each year upland game hunters wait in anticipation for the data collected during the annual DNR August roadside counts. I know that I can hardly wait to pour over the document.

As I have done over the past several years, I am going to use the 2022 Iowa August Roadside Survey compiled by Todd Bogenschutz, upland wildlife research biologist, and Hallie Uhlig, upland wildlife seasonal employee.

Lawn & Garden: Reblooming poinsettias and Christmas cactus

Gardeners like a challenge and the sense of accomplishment when trying something new. Forcing poinsettias and Christmas cactus to rebloom provides such an opportunity.

These plants need 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness each night to set flowers for the winter holidays. Starting between late September and October 1st, cover or move your plants into a dark location each night. Shield them from any outdoor, street or reading lights that can delay or prevent flowering.

Extension Outreach: Happy fall

We are just coming back from the Clay County Fair, and looking forward to what fall has in store!

Here are the adult programs we have coming up in October:

• “A Journey through Parkinson’s disease,” a three-session educational series, from 11:15 a.m. to noon on Mondays, Oct. 10, 17 and 24, at the Spencer Family YMCA. The program is free and open to the public.

Guest Commentary: Understanding total college cost

As a new school year begins, you and your middle or high school student might be thinking about what happens after high school. Before embarking on one of the most expensive journeys of a lifetime, your student should understand the complete cost to obtain the education needed for a specific career.



Randy’s Review: ‘The Woman King’

Fans of Marvel’s “Black Panther” may want to dive into “The Woman King,” which chronicles the loyal and vicious female warriors, the Agojle, defenders of the African kingdom of Dahomey for two centuries. The brutal fighters are the models for the “Black Panther” fictional Wakanda female fighters the Dora Milaje.

Pastor's Column: Accurate news

I recently switched my iPhone weather app to a different city where I was heading to a football game. It was great information to tell me what to pack in my car and what to wear to the game. This is important stuff to know in an Iowa September where either it’s 90 degrees or 40 with freezing rain and wind. I inadvertently left that particular city’s weather info on my phone app and every day since then, I would check the temperature before my daily bike ride so I knew what to wear.

The CommStock Report: Berkshire Hathaway sidelining Chinese investment

Charlie Munger is making me nervous about China. He and his partner Warren Buffett had wisely stayed out of Russia avoiding that geopolitical risk but had invested in China. Charlie tended to make excuses for China lamenting that he wished U.S./Chinese relations would improve as they were the world's two biggest trading partners and it would be better for everyone if we got along with one another better.

One Man’s Perspective: The impact of loss

As I sat watching the very ceremonial and amazingly executed funeral services for Queen Elizabeth II, Monday morning, it was obvious to see what she meant to her countrymen and those who had the pleasure of making her acquaintance over her many years of rule.

Outdoors: Tips for catching bigger little fish in the fall

Mike Frisch is a fishing guide, among other things, in central Minnesota. He takes people fishing. Much of the time his guests want to catch walleyes or bass. And, much of the time, they want to catch big walleyes or bass. But in the fall, every now and then, he gets a request to take his guests fishing for smaller fish, perch or crappies.

PIGLIFT: History of a fishing tournament

For the past three decades, the second weekend in September has been a special fishing weekend. It’s been the annual Pocahontas Iowa Great Lakes Fishing Tournament, aka PIGLIFT. It’s a three-partner fishing tournament where one of the partners must have lived at one time in Pocahontas.

Home Country

It’s the music of the Western mountains, and this is the only time we get to hear it. It has a hollow sound, as though a flute were a foot thick and 12 feet long, and it is the lonely call of the bull elk.

It starts in early September and by October becomes more of a war chant. When winter shuts down the breeding season, the bulls go quiet once again, and pal up with other bulls to face winter together.

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