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Maid-Rites: Made right

Iowa is known for its Maid-Rites, a restaurant chain that originated in Iowa and has been in place for nearly one hundred years. Customers watch as the red-plaid aproned waitress uses a large ice cream scoop to load steaming, finely ground hamburger meat onto a bottom bun, flip on the top bun, and efficiently wraps the sandwich in a square paper that also serves as a plate.

It takes a village to raise a senior — Part 3

A quotation that keeps percolating in my mind the last few weeks is Aristotle’s “What is the essence of life? To serve others and do good.”

Outdoors: How Mr. Crappie became Mr. Crappie

Three hundred grand, that’s what qualifying anglers will be fishing for Oct. 20-22 at the Mr. Crappie Invitational Crappie Classic Tournament in Branson, Missouri. The winning angler will take home $100,000 cash.

One Man’s Perspective: There’s something fishy about them bees

After spending the past two years listening to the manta: “Follow the science,” imagine my surprise last week when a California District Court mandated Americans do just the opposite in the name of a dying species.

Apparently, the court has ruled a select group of bumblebees are now legally fish. Hmmm.

Lawn & Garden: Boost the beauty of spring flowering shrubs

Bring your overgrown lilacs, forsythia, mock orange, pieris and other spring flowering shrubs down to size while maintaining their natural beauty and spring floral display.

Extension Outreach: Summer camps and getting ready for the Clay County Fair

June 1 marked our kickoff to summer camps. We have over 20 camps scheduled for the summer that cover a variety of interests and are open to all youth. Our first camp was Babysitting Basics which provides babysitter training along with basic first aid and CPR training to youth in fourth grade and older. Upcoming camps include outdoor activities with Clay County Conservation, Hands on Art camps with Arts on Grand, kitchen and baking classes, science camps, craft camps and many more.

Randy’s Review: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

The simple sound of the “gong” sends chills up and down the spines of children of the '80s, The striking lo of the simple tone means only one thing in 2022 — a returns trip on the highway to the danger zone with everyone’s favorite anti-authority Naval combat fighter pilot, Capt. Pete Maverick, call name, “Maverick.” Get ready to laugh, cry, cheer and sit on the edge of your seat.

Book Review: Novel seamlessly weaves past and present

Every once in a great while, a novel comes along that hits you where it really counts — straight in the heart.

That’s the case with “Beneath the Polish Moon” by Guttenberg, Iowa, author Jake Kaminski. Kaminski brilliantly blends the quaint Milwaukee childhood memories of Luke Karpinski with his ascent as a courageous Miami narcotics cop.

Pastor's Column: The life of the mayfly

If you have been camping recently, you may have noticed the swarms of mayflies surrounding your site. Don’t worry, they will be gone very soon! An adult mayfly only has a lifespan of two days. They spend a year in the nymph stage until they sprout wings and fly into adulthood for their short-lived purpose. For about 24-48 hours, their time as adults is focused on reproducing. Some female mayflies only live for five minutes after their purpose is fulfilled.

On the Side: It's more than a banner to us

My intent was to write this column weeks ago, shortly after the Hall family purchased the Spencer Daily Reporter, Dickinson County News and Northwest Iowa Shopper. But along the way there were many projects that needed to be accomplished to train and set up the staff for success under a new organization, and somewhere in that pile of to-dos were buried things we wanted to get done sooner rather than later.

One of those things was putting a new face on the Spencer Reporter.

Letter to the Editor: It takes a village to raise a senior — Part 2

I understand Spencer’s Area Activity came close to closing. I will admit I have not read every article or listened to different perspectives concerning the topic. But, think about it, when have I stopped writing about something I don’t know about. And I firmly believe Clay County should have one of the most vibrant senior centers in Iowa.

One Man’s Perspective: Honoring those who gave

While the weather wasn’t terribly conducive to the traditional Memorial Day services we typically enjoy at Riverside Cemetery, but credit the American Legion, VFW and Avenue of Flags organizers with the pivot, working with the gracious folks at Spencer High School who opened the auditorium for the annual ceremony. The setting provided a comfortable, and more importantly, dry environment where everyone could come together and honor those who served and have left us.

Letter to the Editor: Preventing a tragedy

By the time this is printed, many will have weighed in on how to prevent the tragedy of the shooting rampage in Uvalde, Texas. Calls for stricter gun control policies, "red flag" laws, more in school police, better door locks, etc. There could even be some consensus among legislators that something could be done, including goals, time lines and accountability.

Guest Commentary: Closing out the legislative session

In the early morning of May 25, we concluded the 2022 legislative session. This session will be notable for many reasons — both good and not so good. But one of the good highlights of this legislative session was tax reform.

Guest Commentary: Title IX — Iowa women playing hard ball

As the country nears the 50th Anniversary of Title Nine this June, it becomes a good time to reflect on the progress of women’s involvement in sports. Girls were not invited to play sports in the mid-to-late ‘50s and ‘60s in much of Iowa, especially for those living in large towns. So the only ‘ball’ little girls played in my elementary school was tetherball or four square on the playground. Boys enjoyed playing football, basketball and baseball during recess.

Home Country

When the world is hot and my skin is fried, scratching from the constant dry, let the clouds boil up, boil up high. And then shade the Earth with the darkening sky and bring the secrets and the smell of rain. The coolness and the blessed rain, again.

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